Jim  Randall

Jim Randall


Jim lives in Nunnelly with his wife Ann; they have a craft booth that they call A&J Crafts. Jim is a 6-year Navy veteran as well as Santa Claus, from which he is now retired after 40 years. Jim is very artistic and has a variety of items he handcrafts and has available for sale. He constructs miniatures of everyday life. His accomplishments include miniature rooms, cabins (sometimes utilizing clothes pins), outdoor scenes and different recreational scenes such as camping and rodeos. He is now incorporating the use of acorn crowns in his latest creations. He even does scenes under a glass dome the size of a sewing thimble. His sizes range from one square inch to three feet.

Expanding his portfolio, he now creates rock floral arrangements. These are a rock base with living plants such as air ferns, and artificial flowers and decorations that you might find in a garden.

Jim got started in his craft about five years ago in search of something to keep him busy in his retirement years. Both he and his wife say that once he started, he could not be stopped, as proof by their home which is beautifully decorated with his creations.

Jim joined the HCACG two years ago and enjoys being around like-minded artists and craftsmen. He is always able to glean information and ideas from the other members.as well as showing his pieces to the Guild and receiving feedback.

He has simple and inexpensive suggestions for you: go for a walk in your yard, street or local park and pay attention to what is around you. Let your imagination guide you in what a simple item can be into.

They can be found at the three annual HCACG craft shows. The first will be Keg County Arts and Crafts Fair, held on the Courthouse Square in Centerville, on May 11.

If you would like to contact Jim or any of our other members, or if you have questions about the Guild, please feel free to email us at info.hickmanartsandcraftsguild.org.