Our Members


President:  John Fink – Leather Goods
-> littlemontana2014@gmail.com

Vice President:  Martha McKinneySupporter of the Guild

Treasurer:  Janet Pierce – Decorates Frames, Letters, Coasters & Ornaments / Drawing: Charcoal, Graphite, Pen & Ink / Painting: Acrylic, Oil
-> jp.creatives@yahoo.com

Secretary:  Ann Randall – Jewelry / Beaded Art / Crocheted Items

Lifetime Members

Garner, Edwin – Wood-turning

Givens, John – Woodworking

Lovett, Dodi – Instructor of Art: Charcoal, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Oil

Meadows, Betty – Painting: Watercolor / Sewing: Applique / Knitting / Crochet / Ornaments / Cards

Owens, Ray – Woodworking

Qualls, Lonnie – Woodworking



Burns, Allison Jewelry / Apparel
Burns, Laura – Jewelry / Apparel
Burns, Micheal – Supporter
Clemons, Clara – Wreaths / Gnomes / Note Pads / Beaded Pens

Fink, Cindy – Jewelry
Fink, Robbie – Supporter of the Arts

Malone, Linda – Food Vendor

Ray, Colleen – Crochet Items: Clothes, Afghans
Wight, Nancy – Flowerpots / Bracelets

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